Bumps on saddle .. A true bumpy ride :) 

Its a local story of my ride, places might not be failiar to you, hope you will enjoy. 

For today ride - I  had a idea for Dakor with shortest route possible.. How and why it turned with 150+ here you read.. 
Morning i started around 6:00 am for this ride, confusion started from home itself, mom thought I m going on motor bike.. But it was cycle. :) 

I decided to take shortest route possible from village to avoid highway traffic. Looked Google map and tough to of taking router 3 somewhere near Sakarda and I asked at Sakarda.. villagers gracefully pushed to highway again.. so no choice, i have to take highway and ride turned to just 70 km more. 

Once I reached at Dakor, around 8:30 people near temples were starring at my bikes and also kind enough to take of my bike when i was in temple for prayer. when i was out from temple i show a big crowed near my bike (25-30 visitors) and i had to encounter lots of questions on bike, about me, why i cycled up to this place, can this bike run at speed of 50 ?..   
Finally one person told me now where I will go now ? I told back to Baroda and suggestion to visit Galteswar which is some 5-6 km (people told me this) and from there you can ride to Savali and reach back home.. it was so easy for them to tell me this. They might be think I have a geared cycle and it can run a speed of motor bike. :) 

My first question to them was how is road, reply was good road .. 
Yes it was good for car not for bike like mine. 
Finally I decided to ride on same route and end up doing 150+ with really nice road where most of the time I could not put my bumps on saddle.. 

Most important part, iPhone takes great pictures in good light conditions. This image is from iPhone 4S. 

.. :D hope to ride soon ..